Most people do not require an attorney’s help all that often. They might worry about the cost of legal representation too. This can make it difficult to decide if one actually requires an attorney’s help for the situation. If one runs a business, they need legal help for its functioning, establishing an entity or for partnership disputes. In these situations, individuals seek advice from professional attorneys as they offer the best legal advice.

In this blog, the expert attorneys at Washington Law Partners, who are widely known for providing customized and Affordable Legal Services in Washington DC, have discussed the 3 common legal services in the United States for which individuals seek legal help. The firm also provides innovative solutions across all verticals of legal services. Read on for more insights.

  1. Probate

Losing a loved one can be very disturbing, but life becomes even more difficult when there is no will left by the deceased loved one. If one is left to deal with the assets of their loved ones, one will have to go through a legal process called probate. During this process, one needs to review the assets of the deceased loved one and determine the beneficiaries and their assets (real estate, bank account or financial investments).

This indicates that one has become the executor of a deceased person’s will or the administrator to handle all the administrative logistics of the estates of the deceased loved one without a will. Since there are so many processes to be performed from beginning to end to handle a loved one’s possessions properly, probate in the United States can be difficult to self-navigate. The majority of the steps should be taken legally in a specific order and must be completed within particular time frames. To help one and their family get through the probate procedure smoothly and get through this trying time in life, one should search for an experienced probate lawyer.

At Washington Law Partners (WLP), the expert attorneys can handle a range of tasks related to the probate process. This includes as following:

  • Court Procedures: The probate attorneys charge probate petitions and numerous pleadings. These include an inventory and the appraisal of the estate assets to the probate court. In case of questioning the will’s validity, the expert attorneys argue to the probate court in the individual’s favor.
  • Creditors: The notice of the probate action is sent to the estate’s creditors. The attorneys also respond to their queries and address the claims.
  • Estate Taxes: The attorneys reduce estate taxes to ensure most of the estates get transferred to the heirs rather than the government.
  • Transfer Assets: The deceased’s title is transferred to the real estate and other possessions to the beneficiaries named.
  • Guardian Issues: In case of loss of both the parents of a minor child, a legal guardian for the minor is established.
  • Executor: The attorneys at WLP could serve as an executor of a deceased person.
  1. Estate Planning

The process of organizing and preparing financial and succession affairs is known as estate planning. Estate planning services ensure that the management of the estate during and beyond the lifetime and plan the legacy. In essence, it is the act of preparing for the transfer of the person’s assets after their death. One’s estate includes assets, life insurance, real estate, vehicles, personal belongings, and debts. Estate plans must be in writing, have the owner of the estate’s signature, and be notarized.

Need assistance in estate planning? Washington Law Partners firm is widely known for providing the best services for Estate Planning in Washington DC to help families and individuals protect their assets and secure their future.

An estate plan includes two components, i.e. a legal component and a non-legal component. The legal aspect involves hiring a lawyer to assess the financial and personal circumstances and to have the documents executed to ensure the wishes are carried out successfully. These legal proceedings include a will, an enduring power of attorney (for financial decisions), a representation agreement (for health decisions), and trusts like an alter-ego trust, joint spousal trust, and family trust.

To ensure that one can live comfortably in retirement, the non-legal component involves assessing all financial resources and developing an investing strategy with experts.

At Washington Law Partners, the estate planning attorneys can assist with the following documents:

  • Custom-designing the estate plan to avoid any probate court situations
  • Drafting quality wills that reflect values and desires
  • Choosing beneficiaries
  • Advanced healthcare proxy
  • Memorial instructions
  • Different types of trust, i.e. revocable, irrevocable, and testamentary (in the case of minors).
  1. Securities Laws

Securities laws are the set of rules and regulations laid down at the federal and state level to regulate the selling and purchasing and the transfer of rights. The two important securities laws include the securities act of 1933 and the securities exchange Act of 1934. These laws are made to protect investors or brokers from any security fraud or any other misconduct while ensuring that the security industry works with complete justice.

Need help handling problems with securities? One can consult the attorneys at Washington Law Partners, a leading law firm. A securities attorney focuses their legal practice on securities laws and regulations and has extensive knowledge of securities industry rules and securities laws.

A securities lawyer represents a broker-dealer and financial advisor who are accused by the clients or employers of their misconduct and handle several kinds of securities disputes.

They work for the government, or regulating law firms or privately for individuals who violate securities laws. Lawyers who specialize in securities laws can help clients understand the rules, legislation, and regulations that pertain to securities. They decide whether to sue someone for securities fraud or violations by proving the fraud done by somebody else. If there are any investment losses that are caused by the broker’s misconduct, a security attorney can help. They also help companies comply with several securities laws to protect them from paying fines.

Besides these services, the expert attorneys at Washington Law Partners, a leading Washington DC Law Firm, are experts in business law, business licenses, personal injury, real estate law, and many more.

For more information about these services or for legal help, consult the experts at WLP today!